Website customized development

Provide professional design and function development according to customer needs and combined with customer industry characteristics, and build customer's exclusive website.

The website automatically responds to the user's device environment, compatible with computers, mobile phones, tablets and other devices, and presents the best display effect for each user.

Professional server and cloud data management experience, providing the domain name, virtual hosting, corporate post office, server hosting, cloud server and other services required by the website

Business Website

Help brands build independent shopping malls and realize the online sales function of the official website.

Combining the most commonly used payment methods (Alipay, WeChat Pay, UnionPay Online, Paypal) to achieve multi-language and multi-currency payment functions, to achieve a global purchasing platform.



Now WeChat has become an important communication method for life and work. Enterprises can lock customers and serve customers more closely through WeChat official accounts.

How to combine the WeChat public platform to generate the greatest benefits?

Mini Program

Now WeChat peremptory has become an important way to communicate, live and work in the enterprise through WeChat public closer lock customers, service customers

How to combine WeChat public platform have the greatest benefit?


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